Favourite Book(s) #9 – Family History Nuts and Bolts: Family Reconstruction Techniques by Andrew Todd

Even for those of us conducting a large One-Name study, family reconstruction, is possible and especially so in the internet era. This is a book that I recommend in the Pharos Introduction to One-Name Studies course

I have always researched collateral lines, as that adds extra depth to our genealogical pursuits and does give context to our research. I have always drafted quick pencil drawn trees whilst researching, it is the way that my brain works and means that I can quickly spot where I have a gap in the research, perhaps caused by migration to another part of the Country or emigration to another Country entirely.

The concept of a One-Name study is that everyone with one surname is collected. Not all Guild members reconstruct families and whilst I do reconstruct families I am not likely to reconstruct all the families of all the individuals in my One-Name Study because quite simply there won’t be time in my lifetime to achieve it.

The book does give insight to the different levels of reconstruction, from reconstruction of one family using one dataset, through a whole host of reconstruction with the final stage being reconstruction of every family bearing a surname – this of course is achievable if the surname is a small study.

Glancing through the list of reconstruction given in the book from stages 1-10, I have probably covered, at least in some part levels 1-9 at some point.

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