Desk Ramblings……22

Oh my, it has been a long time since I sat and wrote here. A variety of domestic, personal and health issues have been an energy and brain drain. I am sure that you all know what I mean.

Yesterday evening we met up with some friends who are visiting from Australia. It was a lovely evening and just what I needed.

In the last year I have had a serious health issue, and whilst I have kept some balls in the air, many I dropped. If I have learn’t anything from that is it this. You only live once and remove those people and things from your life that are toxic. I did the second one with reasonable ease and do not feel guilty for doing so. I am still here and taking each day as it comes.

One thing I have been doing is re-reading the book by Marie Kondo, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”  the poor recycling  chap earlier this week could barely lift the bag of paper and genealogical magazines. There is no let up as next week there will be another full and over brimming bag!

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say that I am still here and will be back on a more frequent basis. I have lots to share and I still need to categories many posts that I imported from the blogspot site.

Until next time!

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One Response to Desk Ramblings……22

  1. mbjssgpm says:

    It’s good to have you back Julie xx


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