Book of Me, Prompt 10 – Unexplained Memories

I have a fairly good historical memory. I mean I can recall some early memories, from my early childhood – aged 2-4 years, but as to what I had for lunch on Monday, or where I read something 15 minutes ago, that is pretty woeful!

I have one unexplained memory that I can remember. I guess I was about 3 years old.

My memory involves one of these vehicles, although the one I recall was orange.

Image from Glamper Van Hire

This vehicle was a Volkswagen Doris and they were manufactured in 1971, so the dates fit quite nicely. I have a feeling the vehicle was something to do with the daughter of my Great Aunt, called Janet. I have asked her son who does not recall any such vehicle, neither does my Mum. I could even recall where it was parked and I am sure that we went somewhere in Doris.
Sadly, no one agrees with me, nor can they remember the event. Nonetheless, the name of Doris sounds wonderful for these vehicles and I quite think it would be nice to own a bright orange one, we could call Doris and trail around the countryside with. For some reason, my husband does not look convinced. 
Oh well!, I would say I can dream, but it would appear that I have already done that!
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3 Responses to Book of Me, Prompt 10 – Unexplained Memories

  1. I'm sure you took your ride in the Orange Doris. I love this story!


  2. labbie1 says:

    LOL That is not unlike my memory of a blue BMW motorcycle in our garage that I could have sworn was my dad's but no one but me remembers it. How in the world would I remember something as unusual as a blue BMW–why not a Suzuki, Yamaha (yea, my brother had one of those–red), Harley, Kawasaki? Why a BMW? 😉


  3. LindyLou Mac says:

    A previous life Julie. 🙂


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