Sepia Saturday 183

Just a quick entry this week.

Not too far from us is the tourist site of Kents Cavern. According to their website, the caves have been tempting explorers since 1571. Despite being a mere 7 miles from us I have never been and it is not on my tourist bucket list either.

Here is a postcard that I spotted recently, that dates from circa 1960

Despite the fact that I am not over keen with going underground, the caves that feature in this week’s prompt from New South Wales I have been to. Sadly I could not easily get to the photographs that we took in January 1997, the days before digital!

Taking part in Sepia Saturday

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9 Responses to Sepia Saturday 183

  1. Sharon says:

    1571! Wow. Can you imagine being the person who discovered caves like this? They would likely have had a naked flame, which could go out easily. Now that would have been scary!


  2. Alan Burnett says:

    Good gracious, I have been there. It was years ago. Indeed I had to look at the photo carefully to make sure I wasn't on it!


  3. Wendy says:

    Caverns are a very popular tourist attraction in Virginia. A nice cool place to visit in the heat of summer.


  4. Kristin says:

    Going to caves is not on my bucket list either, although if I came across one and could stay toward the door, I might be tempted after this weeks offerings.


  5. Alex Daw says:

    I hadn't thought about animals being in caves too – silly me – and then I read even Mammoths lived in caves. Mammoths, lions, bears, cats, hyenas….yikes!!!


  6. Brett Payne says:

    Once you've been to a couple of limestone caves, I think they start to look very similar.


  7. Little Nell says:

    I'm learning that there are caves just about anywhere in the world; and to have both you and Alan visit the scene of the prompt image has to be more than co-incidence.


  8. Joan says:

    I wonder who visited in 1571 — pirates, smugglers, ghosts and ghouls?? or just 1571 tourist types. Interesting to ponder.


  9. Karen S. says:

    Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful cave, unbeknownst to me!


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