A- Z April Challenge 2013 – Synopsis

I wrote my reflections post yesterday – you can read that HERE.

Over the last month I have visited various blogs, commented and subscribed to some new blogs. I am still visiting, so I may still drop by.

I thought that I would do a quick A- Z of those blogs that I have regularly visited during the challange.

The full list of participants is HERE
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4 Responses to A- Z April Challenge 2013 – Synopsis

  1. Thanks for the great list. I've enjoyed exploring a few of the blogs on it.


  2. Julie, I'll have to check out your list – some of those blog names really appeal to me. I've been working on genealogy since I was a teenager, and it still fascinates me. Hoping to have more time for it next month.


  3. Jean, thanks for stopping by! – Genealogy is truly addictive and the blogging world is full of us!


  4. Sharon says:

    What a great Synopsis. I found some great new blogs in your list. Thank you.


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