Orlando – Setting up a One-Name Study

FTM Oct 2017The Orlando One-Name Study has been featured in the October 2017 edition of Family Tree Magazine.

The article is on Pages 22 -24 looks at Setting up a One-Name study and focus’ on the Orlando Study and pages 66 -67 Spotlights the Guild of One-Name Studies and gives some details about the organisation and the benefits of membership.

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Legacy Family Tree Webinars

The folks at Legacy Family Tree Webinars have extended their 50% off sale until 20 August 2017. A subscription means that you can watch any of the more than 500 webinars in their library. This includes Tracing European Ancestors

Membership to Legacy Webinars also means that you can access the comprehensive syllabus that I created to accompany the webinar.
European Ancestors

What are you waiting for?


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My course Introduction to One-Name Studies starts 22 August 2017

logorThe next Introduction to One-Name Studies course at Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd starts on 22nd August. The course is taught online and welcomes students across the globe.

Here are the Lesson Headings:

  • About One-Name Studies
  • Surnames and their History
  • Core Records you will need and Information gathering
  • Analysing and making sense of your data
  • Practical aspects of running your own One-Name Study

banner_page_head  Those who sign up for the course and are not members of the members Guild of One-Name Studies will get FREE Guild Membership for the remainder of the financial year.

Each lesson includes exercises and activities; a minimum of 1 one-hour chat session per week.

Course Length: 5 weeks
Start Date: 22 Aug 2017
Cost: £49.99

To book your place on the course, please visit the Pharos Website

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Desk Ramblings……22

Oh my, it has been a long time since I sat and wrote here. A variety of domestic, personal and health issues have been an energy and brain drain. I am sure that you all know what I mean.

Yesterday evening we met up with some friends who are visiting from Australia. It was a lovely evening and just what I needed.

In the last year I have had a serious health issue, and whilst I have kept some balls in the air, many I dropped. If I have learn’t anything from that is it this. You only live once and remove those people and things from your life that are toxic. I did the second one with reasonable ease and do not feel guilty for doing so. I am still here and taking each day as it comes.

One thing I have been doing is re-reading the book by Marie Kondo, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”  the poor recycling  chap earlier this week could barely lift the bag of paper and genealogical magazines. There is no let up as next week there will be another full and over brimming bag!

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say that I am still here and will be back on a more frequent basis. I have lots to share and I still need to categories many posts that I imported from the blogspot site.

Until next time!

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Findmypast Announces Free Weekend 22-25 January 2015

Conference Keeper


London, UK, 20th January 2015Findmypast has announced that this weekend, they will be opening up their archives and giving unlimited free access to billions of records and newspaper pages from all over the world. From 7am on Friday, January 22nd to 7am on Monday, January 25st (EST), absolutely everyone will have access to Findmypast’s comprehensive collections of historical records and innovative research tools, including:

  •  Millions of records you won’t find anywhere else, including fascinating WW2 Prisoner of War records, millions of England & Wales Crime records and the incredible British in India collection
  • The largest online collection of England & Wales Electoral registers, containing over 220 million names
  • Birth, marriage and death records dating back to the 18th century
  • The largest online collection of UK parish records, dating back to 1538
  • Historical newspapers from across the world, including nearly 13 million British newspaper dating all…

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Happy 2016!

happy-new-year-resolutions-2016Wishing my readers and followers, near and far a happy New Year. May all our dreams come true and 2016 be full of successes and happy moments!

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Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar Series 2016

The SCGS has just released the 2016 Webinar series.

There are some familiar faces scheduled and in many instances I need to go to bed very late if I am to hear the webinars – there is an eight-hour time difference between Pacific time and GMT.

My own presentation is scheduled for 5 March 2016 – The Origins and Evolution of a One-Name Study and Surname Research

My buddy Tessa Keough is scheduled for 17 August 2016 with What’s in a Name? Every Surname tells a Story.

Despite Tessa and I being buddies, we knew each of us had submitted proposal, but didn’t know what! They are though very different presentations and I hope some of you will join us!

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Legacy Webinars 2016 Series Announced

Last week Legacy Webinars announced the 2016 series. There are some familiar names and some great topics. To see who is presenting click HERE

I will be presenting a version of Tracing Your European Ancestors on 16th December 2016. You can register for the event by clicking this LINK

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Welcome to our new home!

Thankfully we have not moved house, but I have moved 12d204b7-1451-4a60-b03b-691b2a1347d2the Anglers Rest blog, and all 2000+ posts. I feel quite exhausted! Having procrastinated for several months I of course wish I had moved it earlier, especially as I now have to go through and add each post into my preferred, and newly organised categories.

In Blogger tags are called labels and when you import a Blogger blog into WordPress labels become categories which was not what I wanted at all. I am currently going through each post and tweaking the category/tag options. That task won’t complete overnight (or several hundred nights) I am sure, but all the posts are available and many are tagged as uncategorized.

That hasn’t been the only change. I have switched across the platform for the website that exists to accompany my book, Tracing Your European Ancestors. The reason is, I have signed a contract for another four books with another publisher, all with a European theme so it seemed sensible to tweak the European Ancestors site accordingly. The link is the same – http://www.european-ancestors.info and if I am honest it was dealing with that who change over last week that encouraged me to make the decision to move the blog.

Normally blogging service will resume shortly!


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1939 Register

Well, having waited over a year for +Findmypast to complete the task of digitising the 1939 Register Sunday night was the last sleep before the 1939 Register went live. Instead of getting up early, I went to bed late,very late!

I was keen to look for my Grandparents, it was just two months before they married and I found them, more or less where I expected them to be.

The National Archives (TNA)-R39-1901-1901K-005
Image courtesy of FindMyPast

My Grandmother with her sister Elsie and brother in law and my Grandfather with his parents at Manor Farm Onslow Village Guildford. Living next door was his older sister Rose and her husband and two children and in another farm cottage was another brother with his wife and children.

There has been much controversy about costings. I received a voucher code as a world subscription holder. The voucher gave me a 25% discount. I have not used it though as I had a substantial amount of FMP credits which I had acquired some years ago.

For the benefit of readers outside of the UK. The wonderful thing about the 1939 Register is that it is the closest thing we can get to a Census that is available to view after the 1911 Census.

The 1921 Census is not available to be viewed as yet and won’t be until 1st Jan 2022 unless there is a decision to release the material early. The 1931 Census was destroyed by enemy bombing during the Second World War and there was 1941 Census. The 1951 Census won’t be available to view until 1st January 2052 by which time I will be an elderly lady! So this is a GREAT piece of social history that plugs the gap of around about 30 years.

Not everyone can be viewed. The black lines in the image above show that an individual has been redacted. The Register itself was updated until the late 1980’s I believe having been the forerunner for ration books, identity cards and National Health information. Where an individual died after 1991 then the information can be opened to view upon receipt of a copy of the death certificate.

There are some inconsistencies, my Grandmother who died in 1995 should have been redacted and I was nicely surprised to see her entry viewable and the record had been updated to show her married name.

Overall, I am please with the information. Yes, it is a great shame that the dataset is not within the subscription package, but it is what it is. I have some more exploring to do on the site as want to track down my Grandmother’s brothers and one of my Grandfather’s. I also want to find my husband’s father and paternal grandfather, who are not with his grandmother. Not to mention extract what information I can for my One-Name studies for the surnames of Worship & Orlando, plus for my two UK based One-Place studies.

The originals are held at the National Archives and can be viewed free of charge.


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